Sorter Rebuild

Sorter rebuilds and overhauls are a cost-effective way to keep your products moving.

If your warehouse control system is the brain of your conveyor system, the sorter is the heart. It’s crucial that the sorter runs properly at all times. At some point it will need to be overhauled.

If your distribution center sorter is inefficient, shuts down constantly, or simply can’t keep up with the growing demand of your operations, an entirely new system isn’t the only remedy. We offer sorter rebuild services to make sure your customer orders get out the door and your bottom line stays healthy.

Types of Sorters We Overhaul:

  • Sliding shoe sorters
  • Pusher sorters
  • Split-tray sorters, tilt-tray sorters
  • Wiping sorters
  • Cross-belt sorters

We have our own technicians to perform the overhaul service, or we can work with your maintenance team.

Our Sorter Rebuild Process

  1. Our rebuild process begins with a thorough inspection during which we document the necessary parts and estimate their cost.
  2. After we determine the work that needs to be done, we work with you to determine the best timeline and schedule to perform the work. If you can’t afford to shut down production during the day, we’ll work overnight.
  3. We will direct the entire rebuild process, and monitor the system when it is fully operational to make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently.
“KLG helped us execute a major retrofit of the shoe sorter at our Mid Atlantic Distribution Center. We relied on KLG to coordinate every aspect of this large scale project from materials procurement through installation. This type of turn-key service works extremely well for us, as we can focus on running our core business rather than worry about the sorter project management. As usual, we received excellent service, and the job was performed on budget with minimal impact to our operation.”
Jeff Glass

Sr. Director of Distribution, Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Inc.

Keep Your Operations Humming With Sorter Rebuild Services

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