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Our success is why companies in the meat industry keep coming back to us.

When it comes to distribution, supply chain management, and industrial automation, the meat industry presents immense challenges for fast, rugged, accurate, continuously running systems. Kuecker Logistics Group, Inc. has provided meat supply chain management solutions from the most sophisticated order picking and conveyor systems in the industry to basic storage structures.

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Meat Supply Chain Management: More Efficient, More Competitive

While supply chain management in the meat industry can produce immense challenges, we understand that it’s of utmost importance. From farm to market, each step in the meat supply chain should be closely monitored for safety and efficiency. The more effective and efficient your supply chain management solutions, the more opportunity you have for profitability. When each partner in the supply chain is held accountable for focusing on their core competencies, business thrives.

Following this principle, we want to give you the freedom to focus on what you do best while we take care of what we do best. We provide meat supply chain management to allow you to focus on your processes and operations, and we provide meat distribution solutions to help improve the efficiency of those processes.

Trusted for Chain Supply Logistics & Meat Distribution Solutions

Our success is why companies in the meat industry keep coming back to us. With our assistance, we can help your organization:

  • Become more efficient
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Increase durability
  • Improve your warehouse logistics
  • Enhance your warehouse management system
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Update industrial automation
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Proven Distribution Solutions for the Meat Industry

We have worked with a variety of meat packing clients, including a boxed beef distribution center that handles 5,000 head of cattle daily and produces 50,000 boxes of beef. We integrated over 5,000 feet of powered conveyor systems, 4 shoe sorters and 49 divert locations, producing an automated material handling and inventory management system that handles peak rates of 90 cases per minute.

We have also provided supply chain and warehouse automation solutions for the following companies:

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