Material Handling Equipment & Systems

Our experts provide material handling equipment and specially designed turnkey solutions.

With 40 years of experience in the material handling industry, Kuecker Logistics Group is primed to provide you with the best in material handling equipment and solutions.

We’ll not only supply the equipment you need, but we offer turnkey material handling solutions to ensure that your operations are efficient and cost-effective, and that your products are moved and stored safely and properly.

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Material Handling Equipment


Improve your warehouse productivity with automated picking solutions. Let our experts help you implement warehouse automation solutions from pick-to-voice to batch picking and beyond.
Storage and Retrieval


We can guide you on warehouse automation solutions that specialize in high speed, maximizing your available vertical space, mini-load systems and more.
Conveyor Sortation Systems


Let us help you find the right material handling equipment for your business, including sliding shoe sorters, narrow belt sorters, tilt tray sorters, high-speed arm sorters and more.
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Increased challenges in order fulfillment and material handling (faster delivery, shrinking labor pools) demand the smartest solutions.
Storage Racks


We have storage solutions that will increase the efficiency of your warehouse, including lift storage, roll formed selective racks, structural racks, mezzanines and drawers.
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Get the oversight and regulation you need to oversee your value chain management. Our team of design experts and engineers can personalize the software solutions you need.
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Let Kuecker analyze your warehouse management needs to bring you the best palletizing solution for your unique operation, including robotic palletizers.
Used Equipment


Save money without sacrificing quality with used material handling equipment and materials management systems such as shelving, storage racks, sorters and conveyor systems.
Featured Solution


Reduce your storage footprint by 75% when compared to conventional storage space.

Find out how to stop airhousing and start warehousing with AutoStore! Avoid expanding your building while boosting workforce efficiency.

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Material Handling Systems to Maximize Your Productivity

Because Kuecker Logistics Group is determined to make your business more productive than ever, our systems engineers and CAD experts will design material handling solutions specifically for your operation and your individual needs. Our material handling equipment and solutions will increase your efficiency by streamlining your operations, also reducing cost and waste.

Maintain Order With the Right Material Handling Solution

When you’re dealing with the production, movement or storage of a good, it’s essential to avoid contamination with other substances that can harm the integrity of your product. With Kuecker Logistics Group, our material handling equipment and solutions will keep every element of your operation in its proper place.


Your Source for Material Handling Equipment & Solutions

When you need material handling equipment and solutions that are specific to your company’s needs, call Kuecker Logistics Group at (816) 348-3100 or send us a message.