Intralogistics Solutions

From consulting to complete design-builds, our team can help you maximize your efficiency, meet customer demand, and do more with less.

Kuecker Logistics Group, Inc. is a turnkey systems integrator providing intralogistics solutions to businesses all over the United States.

We can guide you from the planning stage through testing and debug, along with after sale service and support. From a storage system to an entire distribution center design/build, we’ll help you meet today’s material handling and order fulfillment demands.

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Integrated Material Handling Systems

Successful integrated material handling systems are characterized by their cohesion, coordination, and connectivity. The system ensures the following:

  • Efficient and cohesive operation of all material handling equipment— automated, semi-automated, and manual
  • Continuous flow of materials throughout the entire process— from manufacturing to shipping
  • Connection between material handling equipment and warehouse control systems and software

Warehouse Automation

An automatic warehouse uses robotic technology to make your distribution center or warehouse run more smoothly and efficiently. For instance, instead of having people climb ladders to reach products stored high on shelves, our robotic systems retrieve items and bring them to retrieval bays.


Order Fulfillment Systems Integration

The best order fulfillment systems make it possible to track products at every stage: from storage to transit; from shipping to leaving a facility for delivery to a customer.


Distribution Center Design

The best distribution center design makes the most out of the space and resources your organization already has. It is possible to minimize costs while still gaining the benefit of streamlined processes; while existing components may be utilized, sometimes the latest innovations make an enormous difference in a distribution center redesign project, so it’s often likely that new components will be necessary.


Online Fulfillment Center (OFC) “Fast Track” Design/Build

Our market presence as an integrator allows us to “fast track” your design/build and provide you the best of breed products and system solutions at the right price for all facets of your project.



According to CB Insights, micro-fulfillment is a new strategy being utilized by retailers which “aims to take the speed of localized, in-store pick-up and combine it with the efficiency of large, automated warehouses.” For example, micro-fulfillment may make it possible to deliver goods or services within a half-day, rather than two to three days–as with traditional express delivery.


Integral Strategic Solutions

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Reduce your storage footprint by 75% when compared to conventional storage space.

Find out how to stop airhousing and start warehousing with AutoStore! Avoid expanding your building while boosting workforce efficiency.

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KLG: Your Intralogistics Solutions Partner

We offer only the most technologically advanced equipment that meets the highest standards of performance, quality and safety. Our pre-engineered products come from many of the best manufacturers and, if necessary, additional equipment can be custom fabricated to meet the job requirements. We provide operational analysis, system engineering, system installation, project management, training, start-up assistance and ongoing support. Our team will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

  • Operational Analysis
  • System Engineering & Design
  • Detailed Proposals
  • Professional Project Implementation
  • Ongoing Support

Turnkey Intralogistics Solutions

1. Planning and Purchasing

KLG’s sales representatives provide an average of 18 years logistics management solutions industry experience to our clients. Our objective has never been to just knock on the door and hope to sell equipment and services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer valuable guidance toward finding the best solutions for our customers. We know every company we work with has plenty of choices when deciding who they want to do business with. We provide innovative logistics management solutions ideas and a vast knowledge of industry products and practices in order to facilitate productive meetings with solid analysis. At KLG, we feel this sets us apart from other companies in our industry.

2. Design

KLG has been on the cutting edge of designing material handling systems for many years. Our design department constantly works with the latest version of AutoCAD. This ensures the ability to utilize existing layouts as well as develop detailed three-dimensional views of a complex system. We have created an extensive library of three-dimensional materials handling products. These assist in system layout and development. Each project no matter the size is created in 3D and produced in color. This simplifies and eases understanding and helps keep the planning process running smoothly.

3. Project Management

Our project management department takes a team approach to all system projects. A lead manager is assigned to every project. This is the customer’s primary point of contact. This person is your go-to for every question or concern. Our director of project management and your sales account executive are also involved from the beginning to the end of the project. We feel with this approach, all details are covered and each customer has multiple resources to communicate with as the project proceeds.

We use Microsoft Project to produce detailed schedules. This ensures everyone understands the overall timeline in the logistics management process and their individual role in accomplishing each step. Continuous assessments of those timelines, as well as the actual installation details, are made throughout the project. The lines of communication are always kept up between all parties to make sure each project runs smoothly. After all, project logistics are what we do best—ours for you, our customer—and yours for your customers.

4. Mechanical Installation

KLG has a staff of trained personnel who work on the installation of systems as well as custom fabrication of specialty items and service-oriented contract work. In addition, we have excellent working relationships with some of the best mechanical and electrical installation companies in this industry. The lowest bid is not always the best solution and we are well aware of this philosophy. Our number one priority is to always produce a high-quality installation which creates a satisfied customer and we know this will not happen without the right people on the job. Although portions of the installation process may be subcontracted out, the project management and design of a system are always done internally. KLG manages and assumes responsibility for all projects from start to finish.

5. Maintenance, Service, Spare Parts

KLG has a department devoted to keeping logistics projects fully serviced after the sale. Our Field Support Service Team is composed up of uniquely experienced and talented logistics project professionals, each of whom provides a full spectrum of support services. They ensure the system provided by KLG will operate smoothly and consistently, providing maximum production through the years.

The Field Support and Service Team’s commitment is to provide a proactive, customer-oriented resource which is always available to respond immediately to your needs. Our logistics management services are designed to maximize the productivity and utilization of your system through its entire life. We are constantly striving to better understand and fulfill your needs by keeping you current on the latest service capability for your system.

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