Food Distribution Solutions

Each food distribution center has different needs, and we are equipped to provide the perfect solution for yours.

For grocery and convenience store distribution, reliability and a good return on investment are key. Distributors must meet retailers’ demands, and in the ever-changing food industry, this can be a challenge without the proper warehouse automation systems. From the demands of exclusive and organic diets to fast, convenient meals with longer shelf life, Kuecker understands what these changing demands mean for the logistics of your food distribution company. We help our customers innovate and implement material handling systems that ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Solutions for Food Distribution Centers

Each food distribution center has different needs, and we are equipped to provide the perfect solution for yours. To meet the needs of a robust market, foodservice distributors are looking to optimize space and efficiency and reduce labor costs while meeting food-safety requirements. At Kuecker, we are continually engineering and implementing the newest warehouse automation technologies to ensure your food distribution company stays competitive. We’re here to help provide both basic and advanced solutions for your business.

These can include:

  • Warehouse automation solutions, including conveyor lines
  • Picking modules
  • Material handling solutions
  • Food distribution inventory solutions
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AutoStore is the ultimate space saver. It is an ultra-dense automated storage and retrieval system. The Pioneer in cube-based storage, AutoStore has proven to be the best solution for a wide variety of customers in industries such as electronics, apparel, medical supplies, home goods, and grocery.

A Simple yet elegant concept: A grid in the shape of a large cube contains towers of bins stacked next to and on top of each other. Individually controlled robots drive on tracks along the top of the grid collecting bins and delivering them to a picking station (port), where a team member selects the items(s) needed to fulfill the order(s).

  • Can reduce storage footprint up to 75% when compared to conventional storage options
  • Flexible, scalable, and modular design allows for the system to change with the business
  • Grid expansion can happen without stopping operations when additional storage is needed
  • The AutoStore system shows a combined average worldwide uptime of 99.6%
  • No Single Point of failure. Get any SKU at any time with any robot
  • AutoStore robots consume very little energy

Customized Material Handling Solutions for Food Distribution Centers

One of the advantages of working with Kuecker Logistics Group is our commitment to imagination when it comes to warehouse automation. We go a step beyond providing basic material handling solutions–we provide innovative, customized, advanced automation solutions. With technology continually making new feats possible, there’s no reason your distribution facility shouldn’t take advantage of our partnership with engineers to earn the competitive edge!

Third-Party Logistics and Warehouse Management Solutions for Food Distribution Companies

At KLG, we also provide third-party logistics and warehouse management solutions. Our third party logistics services help small and large businesses alike achieve efficiency in their distribution and fulfillment of products. By outsourcing your distribution and product fulfillment, you can save money and time, allowing you to put more energy towards your business. We want to use our expertise in the industry to help you achieve flexible, adaptable material handling solutions for your ever-changing client needs.

Trust KLG With Your Fulfillment and Distribution Center Needs

Let us work with you to define and refine your needs and how we can serve them. For more information about our material handling, inventory, and warehouse automation solutions for food distribution centers, contact Kuecker Logistics Group today.