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A Six Pack of Automation Solutions: Warehouse Efficiencies for Distinctive Pallets

Kuecker Logistics Group has developed a six pack of industrial automation solutions for the beverage industry: BeerStor™, BeerStage™, Layer Picking, Voice Picking, BeerWare WM™ and BeerWare WC™.

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Warehouse Management & Industrial Automation Solutions for the Beverage Industry

These automation solutions will position your warehouse for future growth and profits. From adding additional pallet storage The six pack family of automation solution products is designed to stand alone or be integrated into a comprehensive solution. This model allows for the flexibility to add future components, meaning that wholesalers can add to their existing investment.

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Industrial Automation Solutions: Beverage Solutions


BeerStor™ is a racked pallet storage system that maximizes storage to improve warehouse efficiencies. This pallet system is compatible with any components you may add to your automated system in the future.

  • Ideal industrial automation solution for distributors selling 1.5 to 8 million cases per year.
  • Adds 50% or more pallet storage to your existing space with no costly additions.
  • Estimated 3-5 years return on investment, meaning this industrial automation solution pays for itself within a few years of a new expansion.
  • Touch 70-80% of your pallets at once! This industrial automation solution eliminates the need for time-consuming, unproductive shuffling of pallets.
  • NO restocking pick locations for your top moving SKUs.
  • NO rotating bulk storage to create lanes or keep up with date codes.

BeerWare WM™ and BeerWare WC™

Our warehouse management systems decrease cost and increase efficiency by utilizing task optimization throughout the warehouse.

  • Optimizes tasks at every step of the warehousing process to maximize productivity and increase cost savings.
  • Integrates all aspects of the process, including:
    • inventory control
    • labor and warehouse management
    • labor scheduling
    • order selection
    • billing management
    • receiving
    • support


  • Ideal for distributors selling 8 million cases per year and up.
  • Varying levels of automation up to fully built SKU and/or Account Based pallets.
  • Significantly lower labor costs with increased accuracy.
  • Provides inventory control.
  • Millions less than other industrial automated systems. 2-4 year Return On Investment

Layer Picking and Case Flow

The introduction of this warehouse management system can increase productivity and efficiency. Layer picking decreases labor cost by using specialized forklifts to select single or multiple layers in a single pick.

  • One of the simplest solutions to automate your warehouse.
  • Case flow and racking allows for more efficient storage and packaging of slow-moving SKUs.
  • Take advantage of taller, clear heights to give you more space in your storage areas.

Voice Picking

Voice picking software enables employees to complete jobs hands-free, resulting in faster pick rates, increased accuracy, and improved workplace safety.

  • Greater visibility into your warehouse operations.
  • Monitor productivity with ease.
  • Significantly increase accuracy.
  • Faster and more efficient receiving.

What are you doing to position your warehouse for the future?

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