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What is AutoStore

AutoStore is the ultimate space maker, reducing storage footprint by 75% when compared to conventional storage space. Stop “airhousing”, start “warehousing”. Don’t expand your building, increase your density for up to half the cost.

How AutoStore Works

Bins are stacked high and compact in an aluminum cubic grid system that can be formed in any shape and around obstacles in order to accommodate user access.

The top of the grid is a runway for high-speed robots. Robots deliver bins to workstations on the grid’s perimeter. The robots return the bins to the top level. This activity causes slower moving product to sink to the bottom of the grid. With this Natural Slotting, digging to the bottom level is minimized.

Each robot has one task: get the bin. Their work is coordinated on the same playing field. The AutoStore control system enables the various AutoStore parts to function as a finely tuned machine.

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AutoStore Feature

Workforce efficiency

Walk time – Eliminate the miles your employees are walking today during the pick process. This can typically make up 35-50% of their process time.

Touches – Eliminate touches by only receiving into the AutoStore Bin at receipt and picking the item into a shipping container at the AutoStore ports.

Productivity – Customers can typically realize a 4x productivity increase.

Picking Accuracy – Only goods are presented that require picking. This reduces the mental burden on your employees while improving their picking accuracy. Training for new onboarding employees is greatly reduced.


The AutoStore system shows a combined worldwide average uptime of 99.6%. If keeping things running is an art, AutoStore is a master.

There is no single point of failure. Get any SKU at any time with any robot.

Future Proof

Build today, expand tomorrow – To cope with continuous change, robots can be added and grids can be expanded when needed while the rest of the system remains operational. Investments can be spread over time.

Avoid expansion of your current building – Are you out of storage space today? AutoStore can better utilize your existing space and avoid building expansion.

The 5 Modules

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Hard working robots drive on the top of the grid and retrieve any bin from top to bottom using gripper plates. All robots are wirelessly connected and will re-charge themselves when not in use.
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The aluminum grid holds the bins symmetrically stacked while providing tracks for the robots to drive on. The modular grid can be constructed in any shape.
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AutoStore workstations are called ports. This is where bins are presented for picking, replenishing, or other inventory actions. There is a range of ports for various functions that operate at different speeds.
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Durable, specialized, and stackable bins made to hold inventory and the weight of the other bins stacked above.
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Keeps track of everything. Always. This module is the command center, traffic control unit, and database holder for the entire AutoStore system.

AutoStore Robots

autostore red line robot
The R5 line is the fifth generation robot with a reduced number of moving parts, and with tested and trusted components. R5 is reliable and a work-hungry machine that delivers near 24/7 operations. Its driving algorithms are executed by hassle free and straight forward components making its movement elegant and refined.

  •  R5s have a worldwide presence
  •  Canopy Design
  •  Opportunity charging
  •  Wireless
redline robot 1
autostore black line robot

The B1 line is the first generation Black Line robot engineered for high demand systems with revolutionary, uncompromised design. It is a slimmed down and lighter robot with innovative features including exchangeable BattPack™ Lithium-ion battery technology & Direct Drive Wheels.

  • Can accept taller bin heights
  • Higher drive speeds
  • Smaller footprint needed
  • BattPack™ provides true 24/7 operations
blackline 1

What’s Next For You?

We will help you see how AutoStore can elevate your business. For more information, contact us today.