About Us

Kuecker Logistics Group (KLG) has been providing innovative material handling solutions for 40+ years. From fully integrating multi-million dollar systems…to retrofitting existing systems…to simply providing equipment…whatever your needs, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Our strong relationships with our clients are testaments to our commitment. We work with material handling companies, as well as businesses related to warehouse management, inventory management, systems companies, warehouse logistics experts, fulfillment companies, robotic warehousing, logistics, and supply chain management. Regardless of the industry, we honor our promises, fulfill our customers‘ expectations and finish the job on time.

We offer only the most technologically advanced equipment that meets the highest standards of performance, quality and safety. Our pre-engineered products come from many of the best manufacturers and, if necessary, additional equipment is custom fabricated to meet the job requirements.

We provide operational analysis, system engineering, system installation, project management, training, start-up assistance and ongoing support to material handling companies. Our team will work closely with you to review your current operations and develop a system that will make your business more efficient, productive and ultimately more profitable.

We are tenacious in our efforts to ensure your satisfaction and to exceed all project expectations. Below is a more detailed explanation of how our products and services can work best for your business.

40+ Years Doing Business Since 1980

Consistently among the top integrators in North America, KLG serves many of the most recognized companies, installing systems ranging from $50,000 to $20 million in a variety of industries.

The KLG Difference

Our People

Kuecker Logistics Group is a family-owned business building on the foundation of its people—experienced people who are part of a company that is big enough to handle the job but small enough to care about how it gets done.

People are KLG’s greatest asset—our employees and our customers. We believe good people working toward a common goal can not only meet but also exceed all expectations.

We aim to be the best at serving our customers’ needs and keep their interests foremost in our efforts.

We achieve those goals only if we meet the needs of our own people. To our customers and our people we pledge continuous improvement and commit to being the best at what we do.

In short:

People are the cornerstone of our success!

Stanley J. Kuecker

Our Experience

When you have the experience needed to provide clients with solutions, you have an industry-leading advantage. We want to put our experience to work for each of our clients. KLG works with many of the best brands in the industry to provide you the perfect solution. We have years of experience in production, inventory, robotics, logistics, operations, warehouse, and supply chain management. Our team works hard to provide each of our clients with an innovative production management solution to save them time and money.

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Intelligent Material Handling Solutions

Learn how KLG can increase capacity, efficiency, accuracy, service levels, productivity and utilization for your material handling needs. Optimize your operating costs and capital investments. Reduce error rates, training time, and cost of ownership.

What You Can Expect

Operational Analysis

Every operation is unique, so it’s important to analyze the situation from all angles to develop the best solution. We put our professional experience to work for you with the goal of increasing efficiency, maximizing the utilization of space and creating a solid return for your investment.

System Engineering & Design

Our team of system engineers and CAD experts create clear, precise, easy-to-read drawings that illustrate every detail of the proposed solution.

Detailed Proposals

Our proposal to you will include a detailed description of the operation, the equipment listing, the timeline and the cost. It’s important that our clients fully understand the project and are aware of and comfortable with all aspects of that project.

Professional Project Implementation

We manage all facets of the system installation for you and keep you informed as milestones are reached to be sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Ongoing Support

Whether it’s a week, a month, a year or more after the project is complete, our team is always available to provide support, offer advice and help you through any issues that may arise.

Material Handling Equipment & Systems

Our consultants at KLG can come to your warehouse and evaluate your current systems to see how your machinery and production equipment could be improved to be more efficient. Moreover, after evaluating your current system, we can also provide you with turnkey implementation and installation of new equipment to ensure that all equipment is compatible and ready to use, on day one.

Intralogistic Solutions

Our team can evaluate your current equipment to determine if a few system upgrades or a complete redesign would best benefit your bottom line. There are several aspects to consider during a system redesign: your integrated material handling system; your warehouse automation; and your order fulfillment systems integration.

A well-integrated material handling system will possess several important advantages: efficient operation of all material handling equipment, automated or not; continuous flow of materials, from manufacturing to shipping; and a connection between material handling equipment and warehouse shipping and software.

Automated warehouses utilize robot technology to ensure more smooth and efficient warehouse or distribution operations. For example, robotic warehousing systems can enable robots to reach items stored high on shelves and bring them to retrieval bays, rather than risk injury or human error by having employees retrieve them.

Lastly, successful order fulfillment systems make it simple to track products at every stage, from storage to transit; from shipping to leaving a facility for delivery to a customer.


KLG works with a wide variety of industries: retail distribution; food distribution; life sciences; grocery; durable manufacturing; meat/protein; beverages; third-party logistics; e-commerce; book distribution; apparel; general merchandise; parcel; non-durable manufacturing; and wholesale B2B.

Moreover, if your products allow for it, KLG provides a storage option called AutoStore, a robotic storage system that reduces conventional storage space requirements by 75%.

Service & Support

KLG provides 24/7 support, lifecycle services, and system retrofits. We also perform 360 degree supply chain consultation to help you cultivate growth, ongoing improvement, and new business opportunities with flexible and scalable solutions.

Let’s Talk Solutions

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