360 Degree Supply Chain Consulting

Experience the difference of a 360° degree supply chain view by Kuecker Logistics Group.

Kuecker Logistics Group offers an intelligent solution for supply chain execution: KeyChain 360°. While other integrators will initiate the RFP process and move forward from there, we know that effective supply chain solutions execution requires a holistic approach. With the recent addition of key staff members who were former clients, our team now combines the industry experience we’ve gained as customers with expertise honed as material handling system integrators and developed a customized strategy that combines skilled engineering services and successful supply chain execution. Since we have experienced both sides of the business, we offer a unique and effective process that separates us from industry peers.

The result? End-to-end solutions tailored to meet your business’ ever-changing demands. With KeyChain 360°, you can differentiate your Supply Chain to cultivate growth, on-going improvement, and new business opportunities with flexible and scalable solutions.

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Start-up & Training

To ensure effective supply chain solutions execution, we assist with system start-up testing and employee training, so your team is comfortable with their roles and all material handling system operations. Start-up testing plans would be developed and tracked to ensure the system operates to the design criteria expected. Training can include a broad spectrum of focus from general safety training to classroom review of the entire system operation. We can provide training to your Subject Matter Experts from the designers of the systems and equipment as well as to your Manager and Team Leader positions who are responsible for running the day to day operation.


We offer comprehensive warehouse automation solutions for your distribution centers. Here are some of the services we provide:

Productivity Standards

KeyChain 360° provides multi-variable standard development utilizing productivity standards including stop watch time study, MOST, MTM2, and more as needed to track work elements and analyze utilization. This process can include developing incentive programs to fit your business needs.

Continuous Improvement

We offer analysis of specific projects within your supply chain using IE best practices such as LEAN and Six Sigma Methodologies. Our review is conducted with a SWOT team approach (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) to cover all aspects of operational performance.

Audit Program/Vendor Compliance

Our experts can provide an on-site review of operations and processes, culminating in a list of opportunities for improvement. This includes studying vendor relationships and performance with optional on-going monitoring and reporting.

Preventative Maintenance

KeyChain 360° includes assessment of all material handling equipment, including evaluations and reports of status, condition, and suggested frequency and type of preventative maintenance. This service ensures the continued operational Supply Chain success. We can also provide assistance with selecting and implementing systems to manage and track your part inventories and PM schedules.


We offer comprehensive warehouse automation solutions for your distribution centers. Here are some of the services we provide:

Supply Chain Assessment

We will work closely with your team to develop an understanding of your desired business growth as well as specific space requirements, current processes, and your customer service strategies and procedures. Then, we’ll deliver comprehensive supply chain solutions and detailed reports, including layout proposals, inventory and order profiles, ROI analysis, and estimates of capital outlays.

Detail Design

Move a conceptual design toward implementation with KeyChain 360°. We can deliver detail layouts, operational descriptions, equipment specifications, project timelines, budgets, and more to get your project off the ground.


RFP Documentation

Let us prepare the required documentation for the RFP bidding process. This includes all layouts, system requirement specifications, equipment lists, and more.

Bid Management

We can help you make the tough calls by reviewing vendor proposals and preparing design element comparisons that streamline the selection process.



Once our team has assessed your supply chain and material handling system needs, we can provide independent project management support from system integrations to overseeing changes in the supply chain process. We will be the one point of contact to ensure successful execution of the implementation by coordinating all facets of the project. This would include working closely with your team to ensure their needs are met and the deliverables of the project are successfully achieved.

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KeyChain 360°: a Complete Supply Chain View

  • The Intelligent Solution for Supply Chains
  • End-to-End Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
  • Supply Chain Differentiation
  • From Manufacturer to Customer: a Comprehensive View
  • Integrating Engineering Services & Supply Chain Execution

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For more information about our supply chain management software, of if you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed about our company, talk to one of our team members. We would be happy to further discuss KeyChain 360 with you. Call today to learn more about the benefits of our supply chain management software.