30+ years of experience implementing innovative material handling solutions.

“KLG has played a vital role in 10 of our distribution centers. Their whatever it takes attitude,
competitive pricing & creativity is why we consistently do business with them.”
Engineering Manager - Major Retailer

Ask us how we designed and implemented a $30 Million dollar system with a 1 year payback.

Ask us how we improved productivity at a DC so 14 people could do what 43 were doing.

Ask us how we took an existing pick module with 20,000 sku's & tripled throughput for only $10 per sku.

Ask us how we implemented a project for $5 Million that originally bid out at $9 Million.

Best of Breed Solutions -- As an integrator we can provide you what's right for the project vs. what we manufacture.

Rate, Capacity, Space Utilization, Safety, Cost..... they are all part of the equation
We can help you analyze the variables and determine the right solution.

Creative Solutions from a company willing to use a blend of new & used
equipment to make your DC more productive for less cost.

Kuecker Logistics Group (KLG)

Integrated Material Handling Systems

Kuecker Logistics Group Facility

Experience Kuecker Logistics

Since 1980, Kuecker Logistics Group, Inc. (KLG) has specialized in providing innovative solutions to suit our clients' needs for integrated material handling systems.

KLG's experience is founded on the right combination of people and equipment.

We offer the most technologically advanced product lines to provide the best in performance, quality and safety.

In addition, we pride ourselves in establishing a close relationship with our clients. KLG as a company makes a commitment to honor our promises, fulfill our customers' requests, finish the job on time, and offer continued professional support.


Comprehensive Services Designed for you

Our services include operational analysis and systems engineering as well as furnishing pre-engineered products. We will install your system, manage your project, and provide all of the training and start up assistance you require.

Our experience enables us to handle any type of challenge from multi-million dollar fully integrated systems to retrofitting existing systems, to providing simple equipment requirements. Our logistics solutions include completely new systems, retrofits and cost effective used systems. The goal for every project is to find the right combination of products to meet your specific needs.

At KLG, we realize our business depends on satisfied customers. Our goal is to ensure each solution creates one.